Occupation Press Release

SOAS students today occupied their university in solidarity with the people of Gaza. This followed an overwhelming vote of support at a packed union general meeting.

Over 100 Palestinians, including 24 children have been killed thus far over six days of Israeli bombing. The Israeli Interior Ministry has declared its intent to “send Gaza back to the Middle Ages” and continues to threaten a ground invasion.

The unjustifiable comments made by the UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague that Hamas are principally at fault for the current violence, and the British government’s deplorable record on defending Palestinian rights demonstrates our government’s tacit support for Israeli aggression. In light of this, the SOAS occupation calls on all students in Britainr and the anti-war movement at large to take action in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

The primary demands of the occupation are that the SOAS Director, Paul Webley, condemn William Hague’s recent statements, implement an ethical investment policy, cultivate academic partnerships with Gazan universities and that there be no repercussions for SOAS staff and students involved in the action.

The people of Gaza are not just numbers. They are people with families, aspirations and rights and we occupy to defend their right to live, and live in peace.


14 thoughts on “Occupation Press Release

  1. Amazing and thank you.while the tears are still in my face this has made me smile.solidarity to you all!!!please email if I can help at all will be down with supplies as soon as I can.thank you so much for doing this.I’ve been doing things too but they all seem so futile and useless.and the whole thing has me distressed and exhausted but you guys have just given me a boost with this news.love and light to you all xxxx

    • Deaths on either side of the border need to be equally recognised. Needless attacks resulting in the loss of human life is something we all morally opposed.
      We are strongly opposed to the needless violent deaths of citizens, and we can see that one death toll is indisputably higher than the other, illustrating the offensive purpose of the IDF. So far the Palestinian death toll has reached over 100. The last official Israeli death toll announced was 3 casualties. The Israeli death toll has not risen recently, explaining the lack of articles mentioning it.

  2. It relieves me to see that while there are many out there who view Palestinians as a lower form of life, thus rationalizing the Israeli government’s mass murder of them, their are yet others who realize the wrong doing, the insanity, and the terroristic acts of the Israeli government! God Bless!

  3. Hello, I’m a journalist I would like to contact any spokesperson from this SOAS occupation initiative, because we are covering this for a live program being broadcasted at PressTV today at 19:30 PM , the programme is caleld Gaza under attack. Thanks, Kind regards.

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  5. Hello All
    it’s really appreciate gesture of SOAS students and hope this is not going to stop here
    . Gaza needs more than that and children of Gaza in particular along with children of Palestine need to stop Israeli aggression over their Homes and schools. Israel only targets civilians in order to make pressure against resistance, i guess who lost their families and relatives or even Friends will never forget and Israel must be punished soon ..it’s not a dream or hope
    and the Arab spring countries from now on wont just condemn Israeli brutality .we promise you so called state of “Israel ” your ppl wont live in peace until our children live in peace ,just wait till Syrian Revolution wins over your friend Bashar. then you shall really suffer the real rockets . “just wait ”
    @Sol : nothing make me luagh as when some ppl try to distract the true story ! causalities of Both sides !!! and 60 are militant !!! you can never keep lying.. when a whole family gets killed by stupid weapon of Jet fighter can u tell me if you count those as militant ? you talk as if palestinians have F16 or even an army ..you only mislead the stream as you have used to do in every assult.
    finally if you ppl can’t protect Gaza then at least support the end of siege

  6. The SOAS students’ occupation should remind everyone of their responsibilities to support the people of Gaza. The West’s, and in particular Britain’s, hypocritical drivel about “balance” is an insult to the intelligence as well as to justice. SOAS students are giving a lead that others should follow.

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